Insurance Regulatory Law 

Today’s insurance companies face more scrutiny than ever before. The regulatory environment is strict, complex and hard to navigate. Whether an insurance company is in the process of formation, redomestication, expansion, restructuring, merger and/or acquisition or involved in a compliance issue or market conduct examination, having sound legal counsel is essential.

Mr. Stevens the former assistant insurance commissioner at the Utah Insurance Department and the Leader of the Insurance Regulatory Practice Group at Jones Waldo, provides legal services in nearly all areas of insurance regulatory law and in all stages of an insurance company’s and agent’s life.

The Kirton McConkie attorneys have a broad range of capabilities and provide thorough representation in a creative, proactive and aggressive manner to solve existing issues and avoid potential problems. We have experience working with insurance companies, agents, brokers and consultants on issues ranging from licensing, to regulatory compliance matters, to government relations.

The Dodd-Frank Act, and the establishment the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection, will be the single-most important regulatory compliance challenge for the financial services industry in the years to come. With over 250 consumer-protection-driven regulations the Act requires 100% compliance—it will be complicated at best. Our attorneys can help financial services professionals make sense of the Act and cut a pathway through the zero-tolerance regulatory environment it creates.

Throughout his career, Mr. Stevens has built strong relationships with regulators, legislators and other key members of the insurance industry. His rapport and work with these individuals provides unique access, national exposure and special insight into insurance regulation legal issues nationwide.

Specific Insurance Regulatory Disciplines and Experience Include:

  • Licensing of Insurance Companies, Agencies, Brokers and Third-party Administrators
  • Formation, Redomestication, Expansion, Restructuring and Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Impairments and Insolvencies
  • Government Relations
  • Financial Examinations and Market Conduct Examinations
  • Dodd-Frank Act Regulations and Impact

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